Noms d'enchantements pour des équipements

This name generator will generate 10 random names of enchanted gear, ranging from weapons and armor to jewelry pieces.

Many names will be pretty self explanatory, like a 'ring of stealth'. Others will be a little more cryptic and can be given any stat bonus, like an 'amulet of kings'.
There are both positive and negative enchantments, but you could give positive names negative attributes and vice versa.
Not all combinations will be ideal, like a 'dress of striking', but it's the power of the enchant, not of the item, that will improve (or obstruct) the wielders abilities.

Pour commencer, cliquez simplement sur le bouton pour générer 10 noms aléatoires. Vous ne les aimez pas ? Il vous suffit de cliquer à nouveau pour recevoir 10 nouveaux noms.

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